Branch Officers for 2020

All towers within the Diocese are covered by one of the ten Branches.

The alphabetical directory of all towers on the 'Towers
page indicates which branch covers it.

Founded October 22nd 1949

Chairman: Martin Rowling, The Forge, The Green, Culworth, Banbury  OX17 2BA   (01295 760571) email

Secretary: Christine Skermer,  Kenton, Marston St Lawrence, Banbury  OX17 2DB    (01295 710597) email

Treasurer:  Geoffrey Stretton,  12 Lime Avenue, Eydon, Daventry   NN11 3PG   (01327 264489)  email

Ringing Master: Ian Chapple, Mallards, Mill Road, Whitfield, Brackley NN13 5TQ   (01280 850671) email

Steward: David Kirkham, 12 Milthorpe, Lois Weedon, Towcester  NN12 8PP   (01327 860372)  email

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Founded July 18th 1925

Chairman: Jane Rands,  (01327 340678)  email
Secretary: Alison Buck, 21 Greenwood Close, Byfield, Daventry  NN11 6UU   (01327 260977; 07788 616826)  email

Treasurer: Christine Rodhouse,  The Old Brew House,  2 Northampton Road, Litchborough  NN12 8JB   (01327 830350)  email

Ringing Master: Gwynneth White,  1 Homestead Drive, Bugbrooke  NN7 3QY  email

Steward: Brian Foley, 36 Equestrian Way, Weedon Bec, Northampton  NN7 4NZ   
(01327 341215) email

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Founded January 5th 1924

Chairman: Elaine Greatrex,  Birchdale House,  West Farm Close,  Hannington  NN6 9SE (01604 781969)   email

Secretary:: Anthea Hiams,  Holly Cottage, 3 Wards Lane, Yelvertoft, Northampton  NN6 6LY  (07427 568413)  email

Treasurer: PR

Ringing Master: David Westerman, 31 Elkington Road, Yelvertoft, Northampton NN6 6LU   (01788 822598) email

Steward: Rob Palmer, 6 The Green, Lilbourne, Rugby  CV23 0SR   (07926 151811) email

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Founded January 5th 1924

Chairman: Maureen Easton, 18 Furlong Road, Desborough, Kettering  NN14 2PZ   (07787 544687) email

Secretary: Shane Ward,  35 Gladstone Street, Desborough, Kettering  NN14 2QT  email

Treasurer:  Simon Pearce, Tithe Farm Cottage, Gold Street, Desborough, Kettering   NN14 2NQ     (01536 761149)   email

Ringing Master: Helen Churchman,  email  


Assistant Ringing Master: Toby Bence, 43 Loddington Way, Mawsley, Kettering   NN14 1GE   (07806 353592)    email

Steward: Andrew Bimson  (07816 787639)   email

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Founded January 5th 1924

Chairman:  Jennie Paul, (07762 768934) email 

Secretary: Liz Moore,  19 Javelin Close, Duston, Northampton  NN5 6RD   (07870 977039)  email

Treasurer:  Ray Starmer,  5 Cranmere Avenue, Northampton  NN1 5SF  (07931 451074  01604 624160)  email 

Ringing Master: Giles Willson,  21 St Georges Avenue, Northampton  NN2 6JA   (01604 459412)  email

Deputy Ringing Master: Robin Hickmott,  11 Grove Road, Northampton   NN1 3LH   (07989 363374)  email

Stewarding team:  please contact Giles Willson as above

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Founded January 5th 1924

Chairman: Alex Dyer  email

Secretary: Sylvia Upex, 25 Church Street, Warmington, Peterborough  PE8 6TE   
(01832 280526)  email

Treasurer:  Angela Whiteway,  (07980 901179)  email

Ringing Master: Hilary Hardie, 10 Westmoreland Close, Nassington, Peterborough  PE8 6QR  (01780 783855)  email 

Assistant Ringing Master:  James Thorpe,  (07763 876883)  email   .....................

Steward: Nick Elks, (07961 916819) email

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Founded November 11th 1933

Chairman: Alan Wordie,  The Old Vicarage, Seaton Road, Harringworth, Corby NN17 3AF  (07802 215294) email

Secretary: Helen Pollard, 26 Wytchley Road, Ketton, Stamford  PE9 3SR  (07719 659578) email  

Treasurer:  Simon Forster,  11 Church Road, Ketton,  Stamford   PE9 3RD  (01780 720802)  email

Ringing Master:  Alan Ellis,  62 Northgate, Oakham  LE15 6QS  (07759 278459) email

Deputy Ringing Masters: Brian Newman,  11 Manor View, High Street, Ketton, Stamford  PE9 3TQ  (01780 721738)  email

             Roger Scholes

Steward: Ted Phillips  

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Founded January 5th 1924

Chairman: Julie Catling

Secretary:  Alison Byrnes, 47 Oakleas Rise, Thrapston, Kettering  NN14 4JZ  (07534 485578; 01832 732002) email

Treasurer: Rachel Goodband,  (07712 535110)  email

Ringing Master: Edward Buckby, 8 Oakleigh Close, Raunds, Wellingborough   NN9 6HL   (01933 389567)  email

Assistant Ringing Master: Alison Byrnes, 47 Oakleas Rise, Thrapston, Kettering  NN14 4JZ  (07534 485578; 01832 732002) email

Steward: Len Hallifax, Spinney View, Freemans Lane, Denford, Kettering  NN14 4EF  (01832 735029)  email

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The Towcester & District Association joined the Guild as a Branch on July 1st 1930

Chairman: Richard Yates, 76 Willis Way, Towcester  NN12 6BB   email

Secretary: John Pardoe, 11 Bradden Way, Greens Norton, Towcester  NN12 8BY   (01327 358474) email

Treasurer:  Chris Bulleid   email  

Ringing Master: Alan Faiers

Assistant Ringing Master:  Richard Allton  email

Steward: Jonathan Stuart  (07860 255525)   email

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Founded January 5th 1924

Chairman: Simon Dixon, 1 Gretton Court Wellingborough NN8 5UD

Secretary: Jenny Ball, 8 Marlborough Avenue, Wellingborough  NN8 5YN   (01933 673483) email

Treasurer:  John Beresford,  The Ice Tower,  28 Mackworth Drive, Finedon  NN9 5NL    (01933 389177)   email

Ringing Masters: Kevan Chapman, Gottley House, Berry Green Road, Finedon, Wellingborough NN9 5JL (01933 682657) email

and Harry Curtis

Steward: Tim Samson,  28 Medway Drive, Wellingborough   NN8 5XT    
(01933 402240)  email

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