Making Progress

This page is aimed at those who are seeking assistance with moving forward in change ringing methods and in conducting.

The late Peter D Wenham, a Life Honorary Member of the is Guild, wrote a series of booklets 'Bell Ringing by Installments' which simply and clearly explain many aspects of ringing from first lessons to Surprise Major and everything between!

The titles available to download in .pdf format by clicking the line below are:

1.   First Lessons

2.   Call changes

3.   Plain Hunt to Bob Doubles

4.   Plain Minor Methods

5.   Grandsire and Stedman

6.   Treble Bob and Little Bob

8.   Surprise Minor

9.   Change Ringing on Handbells

10.  Little Bits of Theory

11.  The Jargon Buster

12.  Fun of Five Bells

13.  Surprise Major

14.  Tutors Notes - Basics to Rounds

16.  Ringing Simulators

Also 'Disconnected Jottings ..'

1. Starting to Ring

2. Basic Thoughts on Bell Control

3. More Thoughts on Bell Control

4. Take it Easy

5. Blue Lines for Beginners

6. Improving your Striking

7. Introducing Place Bells

8. Symmetry in Methods    

9. Teaching to Ring

Originally all of these were typed up and printed by a volunteer to be sold for the benefit of the Bell Fund. Before his death in 2015, Peter passed the texts to this webmaster (and earlier to the Leicester Diocesan Guild).  Rather than set up systems to administer a donation to the Bell Fund, I am sure that he would want his efforts made available without hindrance and simply ask that a donation be made to either our Bell Fund or now the newer and more appropriate Training Fund.

There is a considerable volume of other information published in hard copy and on the internet. This rest of this page brings together a few of the very many links to whet your appetite to search the internet.

Please let the webmaster (contact details at top of page) know of any other links that you have found to be particularly helpful, or indeed of any of those above that have now been taken down or moved.

The Guild has a Training Fund to assist with all aspects of learning and improving bellringing skills.  For details, please click here on Training Fund.

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