Peals and Quarter Peals  

What is a Peal?
Click here for an explantion prepared by the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers to explain a Peal to non-ringers.

Using the search facility in the Ringing World Bellboard website, the following lists from 
January 1, 2014 to date are available by clicking on the selected line below:


Quarter Peals

NB. I have been unable to distinguish between the Peterborough and Ely Diocese within Cambridgeshire because not all quarter peals are attributed to a Guild / Association.   I notice that Castor has recently been reported under the Northamptonshire list!

X  Many quarter peals rung in central Northampton do not use the county name so are missed by the Northamptonshire search.  Beware of duplicates and of those rung in Northampton, Massachusetts!

Special ringing for the Centenary of the The Armistice

  • in Northamptonshire click here
  • in Rutland click here

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